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Friends & Family Programs

Study Abroad in CubaThis is the fun way to legally travel to Cuba under current regulations. In small groups of under 9, people you, your friends or family or a combination of the two, can adventure in Cuba in an exciting journey that combines culture, history and meeting and learning about the Cuban culture through its people. See the itinerary for 4,5,6, and 7 night programs.

About Cubans

In general Cubans are warm and friendly people. They love to dress up, they love to talk and they love their gold. Cubans tend to dress comfortably. You will find them wearing spandex of all shapes and sizes. Clothes that the Cubans wear may be sparse and casual but usually clean and tight fitting. The Cubans tend to be in relatively good shape and lean, toward the thin side.

thumb_cubansCubans are very creative. As they live on an island of little resources, Cubans have learned to make do with little and maintain what they have with ingenuity and very little natural resources. Cubans are known for being able to fix almost anything. Personally I have had my digital camera fixed there, which would have been so expensive in the States, I would’ve had to throw it away.

Cubans utilize all of their resources very admirably. Once in Cuba, while looking for utensils to eat some fast food, a Cuban informed me that I should wipe off my credit card and that it could also serve as a nice spoon. I have not forgotten that lesson and have found myself in a few pinches using the Cuban spoon when I had no other eating utensils. Nothing is thrown away without an examination of what it could possibly be used for in the future. This ingenuity is seen in their cars, household appliances and even materials that are used for art supplies. As one Cuban “dicho” or saying says, “Lo que no tengo lo invento.” What we don’t have we invent. That has to be the number one Cuban mantra.

Friends & Family Tours

From 2 to 9 people